Gucci Mane Saved My Life With Comedian Dave Helem

Gucci Saves Dave.png

"I want to be the first mainstream comic with a Black woman."

- Dave Helem 

Dave Helem is a comedian, writer, and co-founder of Blipsters Life w/ our previous guest Felonious Monk and the highly-successful Second City show Afrofuturism. Dave is also the producer and host of comedy events throughout Chicago such as Green Room at The Revival, Thank You Very Much and A Dope Ass Comedy Show.

Dave shares his insight on comedy as a Chicagoan, a Black man, and a disciples of both Kanye West and Gucci Mane. Behind the jokes is a real dialogue about not letting the machine chew you up and spit you out. We also talked about whether there is a brotherhood among Black comedians, and the difference between a comedian and someone who is just funny on the internet.



  • When Kanye is your spirit animal, you navigate your career in a different way. You create your own lane.
  • What is Black comedy, and the rise of Black Nerd Comedy. Working a crowd (including "roasting" vs. joke writing). 
  • There is a psychology of infatuation when you reach a certain level of fame and notoriety. 
  • Before the internet, comedy was way more cutthroat. 
  • Comedians love and study comedy. There are funny people on the internet, but they aren't all comedians. 
  • The stand-up comedy lifestyle isn't for everyone.
  • You can be successful without being chewed up and spit out. Don't confuse the success you want with the life you want.
  • Quirky Blacks (Blipsters) vs. RNBs (Regular N*gga Blacks). 
  • Gucci Mane's glow-up is inspiring Black men to take care of their health.
  • Highwater Picks: The Getdown on Netflix
  • Dave's Picks: Stranger Things on Netflix.