The Artist’s Guide to Mental Health w/ Alice Berry

Alice Berry is an artist,  independent clothing designer and clinical counselor. She specializes in talk psychotherapy as well as time and stress management techniques, including meditation training. Alice specializes in counseling for people whose work, avocation, or passion includes using inspiration, generating ideas, or the study and mastery of craft or technique. Alice talks about how artists can take an active role in their mental wellness.


  • Alice's style is client-centered. Treat the client as the expert in their own life. Let the client tell the counselor what they want to do and how they want to do it. Counselor creates the conditions/environment to make it happen.

  • The main factor in determining the difference between creative thinking and a potential mental health issue is function, i.e whether you can maintain relationships, employment and physical health. 
  • If you are able to have a relationship, hold a job, not harm yourself and other and do the work you want to do, from a professional standpoint you're ok. 

  • Many artists have a "functional mode" that is different from "civilians" (non-artists). The key is to use this manner of thinking to your advantage. 


Alice Berry Studio Website (For Alice's studio practice)

Alice Berry Psych Website (For Alice's clinical practice)