The ABCs-Art, Business and Curation Master Class With Janice Bond

This episode is brought to you by #BlackGirlMagic and the letter C for COINS.  Janice Bond (@gypsetproper) is an artist, arts advocate and cultural rainmaker. This conversation turned into a masterclass on how artists can make money from art and create sustainable business models. Janice talks about her most recent work, including an art exhibition in Latvia, how and why she started an art curator-for-hire consultancy company, and how she builds fiscal support of other artists into her business model. We also talked about what art funders are looking for, the need for hyperlocal art support, and other art- entrepreneur essentials. As if all this isn't enough, Janice has some of the most diverse and obscure music picks of any guest we've had so far, so be sure to tune in to the very end.  


Where to find Janice:


IG: @janicebond

Twitter: @gypsetproper


Show Notes

[02:01]  The first three months of 2016 were very busy for Janice

[05:03]  Balancing creating with curating/ Janice’s consultancy business

[05:23]  Janice: I was always creative, but embraced the label "artist" two years ago

[06:29]  “I wanted to see more of "me" in places and spaces… and how these things come to be”

[07:18]  Taking on the curatorial practice as a business

[08:23]  Hyperlocal- More Chicago art in Chicago place…as much as we possibly can.” Duplicating this model in other markets

[08:46]  Balance: "I had to start thinking about how to consolidate some of my dreams"

[09:48]  Artists and art entrepreneurs needs to collect and share. We need to build in the ability to fiscally support each other into our budget

[10:39]  Build in investment/ being an angel investor into your project budget as an artist

[11:03]  The $17 million that Denzel Washington raised for the Smithsonian/ The fledgling state of local art institutions

[12:24]  "Project Rowhouse" in Houston was Janice’s introduction to public art and community/ social engagement

[14:52]  The need for multiple streams of income

[15:19]  Money is energy- It cannot be destroyed, only transferred.  

[18:10] "Money on the wood make the game good"

[18:49] Foundations that fund specific projects that support a particular cause

[23:50] Who see us being us and thinks that it's enough

[26:30] “Even if [Black women] are no where, we are everywhere.”

[28:03]  You can only tell yourself one side of a story for so long. You know when a sentence is complete even if there's a period at the end

[33:03]  Black women naturally look for spaces to be open and connect.

[34:10]  The funders are changing. "I'm not going to support you if someone like me isn't in a position of leadership. If you are ignoring any part of my experience, you are not getting a dollar out of me."

[36:17]  Highwater Picks

  • 99.9% by KAYTRANADA
  • The Feminine: Act One by Anna Wise

[41:20]  Janice's Picks. More art supporting magic: Commissioning your DJ friends to make a playlist.